NIGERIAN EAGLE AIRLINE IS BORN …new logo formally unveiled

Lagos, Nigeria: 17 September 2009: Today marked the dawn of a new era in the life of Nigeria’s flag carrier which fully rebranded today and emerged with a completely new identity - Nigerian Eagle Airlines.

With the formal unveiling of the new brand name and identity of Nigerian Eagle Airlines, Virgin Nigeria as a brand name ceases to be, as the airline will now operate under its new identity and trademarks.

While formally unveiling the new brand identity at a World press conference in Lagos today, the Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Eagle Airlines, Captain Dapo Olumide said that the birth of the new airline is not just about name change but a new dawn that has birthed an aspirational airline that will rule the African skies and a representation of the future of African aviation. 

“The new airline’s name and logo fully reflects the rich culture and heritage of Africans and we are glad that under the new management of the airline, we are going to fill the gaps in the aviation sector”, said Captain Olumide.

He further said that Nigerian Eagle Airline is a celebration of the dignity and culture of excellence of Nigerians and Africans that is worth celebrating, adding that a time has come for all Nigerian and Africans to raise their heads high in the comity of nations.

Captain Olumide explained that in arriving at the name: Nigerian Eagle Airlines, extensive research into Africans rich culture and heritage were painstakingly conducted by a team of researchers noting that the Eagle is a bird that typifies strength and foresight and it is common among Africans irrespective of their cultural affiliations.

Captian Olumide also noted that Nigerian Eagle Airlines has great potentials in-spite of challenges currently rocking global aviation. He said that the adoption of the new brand name will further give the current management the impetus to strive hard to retain its established culture of excellence.

Already, plans for a private placement to inject additional operational funds are underway for Nigerian Eagle Airlines which is 51 per cent owned by Nigerian institutional investors and 49 per cent by Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited. 

Captain Olumide said that the future of aviation in Africa lies on alliances as opposed to unhealthy competitions among airlines in the continent. Nigerian Eagle Airlines is the first airline that has adopted the model by going into a landmark partnership with Ethiopian Airlines through the Technical Services Agreement (TSA) both airlines recently signed.

Captain Olumide noted that the TSA which covers crew and pilot’s Training, Maintenance and Resource Pooling will also enable Ethiopian Airlines to provide technical oversight functions for Nigerian Eagle Airlines.