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Enugu, Nigeria

Enugu is the capital of the Enugu State in Nigeria, with a population of 722,664. It is affectionately known as the coal city and it is believed the city was named after Enugu Ngwo, the location which coal was found under. The majority of the inhabitants of the city are of the Igbo ethnic group.

Enugu is served by Enugu Akanu Ibiam International Airport (IATA: ENU, ICAO: DNEN). The airport is considered a international airport even though no scheduled international flights are operating from there currently. The airport serves some 600 000 passengers yearly. The aiport is operating only during day-light hours as the airport lighting has not yet been installed. There are many renovations taking place at the airport and some have been completed, such as the expansion of the runway. The aiport will be operating international flights once a new terminal, a control tower, domestic and international terminals and parking lots have been constructed. The completion of the construction of these facilities is expected in 2012.

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Domestic flights

Enugu is a major Nigerian industrial city as well as one of the preffered locations for the filming of "Nollywood" films and as such has regular domestic flights operating there.

Airline Destination(s)
Aero Contractors Lagos (LOS)
Arik Air Abuja (ABV), Lagos (LOS), Kano (KAN)
Air Nigeria Lagos (LOS)

General Info (Climate, Economy)


Enugu is located in a tropical rainforest region and has some savannah-like areas. The city has a tropical savannah climate. The city is very humid especially during the Mar - Nov period. Enugu is hot all year round even during the rainy season. Enugu rainfall averages 2000 mm and the average yearly temperature is 26.7°C. The city is often times victim to the Harmattan for a few weeks in December and January.

Average Temperatures for Kano
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Avg / Total
Average High 34 35 35 34 32 31 30 30 30 31 33 33 32
Average Low 20 23 24 24 23 23 22 22 22 22 22 20 22
Precipitation (mm) 19 15 70 130 217 252 242 237 292 201 12 8 1,695


Enugu means "hill top" in the Igbo language and as such is surrounded and is very close to many hills. The city lies at the foot of a escarpment and is located at the cross river basin. It has very good coal reserves under it. Reserves in the coal district are measured to be more than 300mil tonnes. The hills surrounding the area can reach heights of about 1000 metres at some points. The city has many rivers and is home to the Nike Lake. Relatively the Ekulu, Asata, Ogbete, Aria, Idaw and Nyaba rivers are the largest rivers located in the city. The Enugu river is the largest and the city uses some of the water for it's domestic water supply.


Enugu has abundant coal reserves and the main business in the city is the unlocking of these coal reserves. The city is also well known for it's open markets and hawkers. The Ogbete Market, The Awkunanaw and New Market are the most popular and well known. There is production of pottery, tiles, steel, cement, asbestos, petroleum, and some pharmaceuticals taking place in the city.

A view of the Enugu coal mine a view of Enugu from the west of the city

A view of the Iva valley coal mine as well as Enugu from the western part of the city.