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Kaduna, Nigeria

Kaduna located in the north-central part of Nigeria is the capital city of the Kaduna State. The city is located on the Kaduna River and is one of the of the biggest trade centers in Nigeria and also a major transportation hub. It provides the surrounding areas with agricultural supplies via it's extensive rail and road network. Kaduna sits on a population of some 760 000 people. The greater Kaduna State is affectionately known throughout Nigeria as "The Centre of Learning". The "kada" (in native Hausa language) or crocodile is the symbol of the city. Kaduna also bears much of Nigeria's history. It is home to Nok, which passed on the name to the oldest cultural group in Nigeria, the Nok culture.

Kaduna is served by Kaduna Airport (IATA: KAD, ICAO: DNKA). The airport has a single terminal and only operates domestic flights to Lagos and Abuja. The city was first served by the now closed Old Kaduna Airport.

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Domestic flights

Kaduna is not privy to a large amount of air traffic and airline operations are oveshadowed by the rail and road infrastructure. There are regular scheduled domestic flights from Kaduna to Lagos and Abuja though.

Airline Destination(s)
Arik Air Abuja, Lagos
Chanchangi Airlines Abuja, Enugu, Lagos
IRS Airlines Lagos

General Info (Economy, Education)


Kaduna is one of the industrial centres of Nigeria and has a number of economic activities taking place there. The greater Kaduna state is blessed with many minerals. Some of the minerals that can be found there include clay, serpentine, asbestos, amethyst, kyannite, gold, graphite and siltimanite graphite. The abundance of these minerals has allowed Kaduna State to manufacture many products such as pencils, crucibles, electrodes, generator brushes and many other sundry products. The State also manufactures textiles, machinery, steel and aluminium products, petroleum products and bearings. Clay being one of the more abundant resources in the Kaduna soil, inhabitants from Kaduna have found good use for the mineral. Pottery from Kaduna is highly prized and coveted. Pottery from the Nok culture precedes similar type products from both Abuja and Minna. Kaduna is also home to the popular domestic aircraft carrier Chanchangi Airlines.


Kaduna State is known throughout Nigeria by it's nickname "The center of learning". It has a number of notable educational instutions that lie within it's boundaries. These include :

  • Nigerian Defence Academy

  • Ahmadu Bello University

  • Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic

  • Federal University of Education

  • Kaduna State University

  • Kaduna Polytechnic

  • Nigerian College of Aviation

  • Federal College of Education

  • School of Health Technology

  • The Federal Fishing Training Institute

  • College of Advanced Studies

Travel And History

Although Kaduna is not "officially" a tourist destination it is definitely the place to go if you want to know more about ancient Nigerian culture and learn about Nigeria's history even before the times of colonialism.


Zaria (formerly known as Zazzau) is an ancient city in the Kaduna State. It was one of the original seven Hausa states and it's recorded history dates as far back as 1405. Make sure that you make a turn at the Emir's Palace. Boasting some of the best examples of Hausa architectural design, Zaria and the Emir's Palace are a must-see.

The Emir's Palace, Kaduna

Nok Settlement

Home to the first example of Nok figurines, the "Nok Terracotta". The Nok settlement is well over 2500 years old. The settlement is also home to the house of British archaeologist, Bernard Fagg, who lived at the settlement and discovered the "Nok Terracotta". His house is still immaculately preserved and serves as a tourist attraction.

Calabar Carnival Calabar Carnival Calabar Carnival Calabar Carnival Calabar Carnival Calabar Carnival

Some examples of the Nok figurines.

Kaduna National Musuem

Located along Ali Akilu road the museum hosts artifacts as old as 2500 years. It has archaeological and ethnographic pieces. It boasts terracota figurines (NOK) as well as arts works and crafts from Nigeria's pre-historic and contemporary society. There are also fine examples of traditional Hausa architecture.




20 Aug 2010

A Chanchangi Airline aircraft, flight 334; Boeing 737-200 5N-BIF, crashed into the localizer antennae at the airport. Subsequently it landed short of the runway. Several passengers were injured in the accident and the aircraft was badly damaged.

25 Dec 2009

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is arrested for carrying and attempting to detonate plastic explosives in his underwear on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 en route to Detroit, Michigan from Amsterdam.