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26 January 2014

Dana Air resumes operations, after the succesful outcome of the operational audit that was performed by the NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority).

09 January 2014

Dana Air has purchased two Boeing 737 - 500 aeroplanes, as the airline plans to phase out its old fleet of McDonnell Douglas aircraft. Dana Air was suspended on the 6th of October 2013, but plans to resume operations soon.

07 October 2013

The NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority) suspends Dana Air's operations, and will subject the airline to an operational audit. Captain Fola Akinkuotu, the Director General of the NCAA, states that the suspension will take immediate effect.

10 September 2013

Dana Air applies to the Ministry of Aviation, in order to secure traffic rights for flights to West African destinations. Obi Mbanuzo, the commercial head of Dana Air, states that flights to the new destinations will commence before the end of 2013.

20 June 2013

Dana Air Flight 358 experiences technical difficulties with its right engine, and due to this the flight has to be aborted. Passengers are disappointed, but thankful that the fault was detected in time.

18 March 2013

Dana Air's flights are suspended for 24 hours, after the Nigerian parliament expresses unhappiness over the poor way in which victims of Dana Air flight 9J-922 are being compensated. “At the end of the meeting, the suspension of the operations of the airline which took effect last Saturday was lifted. The airline is to resume normal operations immediately. However, a particular aircraft which had a snag over the weekend is to remain grounded until after its air-worthiness has been recertified by Boeing, the manufacturer of the aircraft.” said the spokesperson for the Nigerian Aviation Ministry, after a meeting with the NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority).

4 January 2013

Flights between Abuja and Lagos commence.

7 September 2012

Commercial operations resumed, due to the lifting of the Government ban on Dan Air's operating licence.

3 June 2012

Dana Air flight 9J-922 crashed, eleven nautical miles away from Lagos. Two day's after this incident, on the 5th of June, the Nigerian Government suspended Dana Air's operating licence.

10 November 2008

Dana Air commenced operations.

Dana Air Flight Schedule

Origin/Destination Flight No Frequency Departure Arrival

Abuja (ABV) to Lagos (LOS)





(ABV) to (LOS)





(ABV) to (LOS)





(ABV) to (LOS)





Abuja to Lagos





(ABV) to (LOS)





Abuja to Lagos





Contact Dana Air

Lagos Office: Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal - 2(MMA2)

Tel: 01-280-9992

Abuja Office: Nnamdi Azikwe Domestic Airport

Tel: 0702-667-2145

Dana Air Crash

At 15h45 on 3 June 2012 Dana Air flight 9J-922, with registration number 5N-RAM, crashed in Lagos, 11 nautical miles from Murtala Mohammed Airport (the plane would have landed at the airport within 3 minutes). All 153 people on board, including 146 passengers, perished. In addition, at least 10 residents of Lagos, that were on the ground, were killed. The flight had 109 men, 26 women, 5 children and 6 infants on board. There was also 1 Dana Air flight engineer, 2 pilots and 4 cabin crew members onboard. The flight was operating using a Boeing MD83 aircraft and was en-route to Lagos from Abuja. The death toll is expected to rise as the search and recovery effort continues. The aircraft flew into a two-story block of flats and it is unknown how many people were on the ground when the crash happened, this is likely to increase the death-toll significantly. Tony Madichie, company secretary of NNPC, was lucky to have boarded an earlier flight.

firefighters at the Dana Air crash site

Details of crash

The plane pulled an electric pole & a mango tree down then crashed with a loud noise in Olaniyi Street, Iju, into the Mountain of Fire church, a 2 storey building and a printing press. The plane burst into flames and caused a fire which slowed down rescue efforts. The fire killed all passengers on board. It is reported that a woman clutching her baby, on the ground, was also killed instantly. Due to the nature of the crash it was very difficult for rescue personnel to distinguish between people killed on the ground and those that were on the plane.

The airplane had already began losing altitude over the Agege district and a minute later both engines had lost power, until finally the plane hit the ground tail first and plunged into the buildings.


Dana Air's Insurance company, Lloyds of London, has arrived in Lagos. Representatives of the company held a news conference in Lagos, where they stated that families of the victims lost in the Dana Air crash would be paid adequate compensation according to international law and aviation standards. International law stipulate's that a sum of $30,000 (₦4.6Million) would be paid to each victims family within the first 30 days of the accident. This was a initial settlement. A final settlement of $100,000 (₦15mil) would later be paid to each of the victims families. This amount would only be made available after the victim's families had completed requirements that are expected of them by law. The compensation would be available to families of victims that were on the plane as well as the unfortunate victims that were on the ground. Families of the victims are required to produce evidence that verifies their relationship to the deceased.

Families reading through the manifest of the plane crash

Search and Recovery

Bodies Recovered

On Tue 6 Jun 2012 more than 150 bodies had already been recovered from the crash scene. Nigerian emergency services were still pulling out bodies on Tuesday from the wreckage, their efforts being hampered by heavy rains in the densely populated part of the sprawling city. Spokesman for National Emergency Management Agency, Yushua Shuaib, said there were difficulties distinguishing between bodies that were killed on the ground and those that were on the plane. Many bodies were burnt beyond recognition and would require DNA identification. A team of Boeing experts was en route to Lagos to help with investigations as to the cause of the crash. The total number of deaths is rising as search and rescue efforts continue and the total number of deaths has yet to be confirmed.

The blackbox

On Mon 4 Jun 2012 search teams found the "black box" and data recorder which recorded the final moments before the crash. The cause of the crash could not be accurately determined until the black box, which had been sent abroad to experts for decoding purposes, was returned with the results. The "black box" is used to record any instructions sent to any electronic systems on an aircraft, it also records specific aircraft performance parameters (speed of aircraft, fuel level, engine performance ... ). This find will greatly assist in determining the true cause of this tragedy.

Mayday, Mayday !!! Emergency call minutes before crash

The pilot of the Dana Air plane that crashed contacted Lagos control tower with a Mayday call just moments before the crash. In the Mayday call the pilot reported problems with both engines of the plane and also declared an emergency.

Bodies being recovered from the Dana Air Crash Site.

Passengers and Crew

Of the 153 persons onboard the Dana Air plane that crashed at least 10 were foreign nationals. An American family of six as well the pilot who was also American were confirmed dead. The U.S. State department in Nigeria had not released a official number yet. The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria confirmed that six of their citzens were on the plane and were confirmed dead. Two Lebanese citizens, a French woman, one Indonesian (the plane's engineer) and one Indian (the co-pilot) were also part of the foreign nationals confirmed dead.

The rest of the crew and passengers were Nigerian citizens.

The Pilot and Co-Pilot

The flight captian of the flight had a record of 18,500 flight hours. He had flown 7100 hours on the Boeing MD83-type aircraft. He had a current and valid license, verifiable by the Nigerian Civil Airports Authority.

The Co-pilot (first officer) had a record of 1100 flight hours. He had flown 800 hours on the MD83-type aircraft. He also had a valid license, verifiable by the Nigerian Civil Airports Authority.

Government Reaction

On the Monday after the plane crash President Goodluck Jonathan declared three days of national mourning. On the Tuesday following the crash the government suspended the air license of Dana Air pending further investigations into the air-carrier's safety procedures. The Senate converged an emergency session on the same Tuesday and passed a motion ordering it's aviation commitee to investigate the cause of the crash and ascertain the air worthiness of all other aircrafts operating in the country. In the session it was also recommended that the director of The Civil Aviation Authority, Harold Demuren, step aside until the inquiry was completed.

The Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, was in tears as she spoke with reporters telling them that a investigation would be launched into the crash.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority also launched an independent investigation into the cause(s) of the crash.

Dana Air Press Statement


"The Dana Air family is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of the passengers and crew of Flight 9J-922 of Sunday, June 3, 2012. The aircraft, with Registration Number 5N-RAM, departed Abuja for Lagos with 146 passengers onboard. 1 Dana Air Flight Engineer, 2 Pilots and 4 Cabin Crew were also aboard the flight.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the deceased, and we are doing everything we can to assist them in this extremely difficult time. A 24hr Call Centre service has been initiated and we have also set up an information center at MMA2 to look after their needs and keep them as quickly informed as possible.

An investigation into the cause of the accident got under way immediately, under the guidance of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), who are being assisted by investigators from the U.S. National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB). Dana Air is cooperating fully and assisting the investigation in every possible way.

In accordance with international protocol governing aviation accident investigations, all information about the investigation will come from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. Dana Air will however provide information relating to the flight itself and updates on steps being taken.

Once again, we at Dana Air extend our profoundest condolences."

Jacky Hathiramani

Chief Executive Officer

Further than the press statement, Dana Air has made a concerted effort towards assisting victims and family of victims of the crash. Dana Air has set up a 24 hour hotline to assist with information about the crash. It posted on their website "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of guests who were involved in the Dana Air mishap. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace"

Oscar Wilson, Dana Air's director of flight operations, assured media "there was nothing wrong with the aircraft" and went further even, saying "I am the pilot who did the (last) operational test flight".

The details of the hotline number are as follows :

                 - (+234) 01-2809888
                 - (+234) 08052697500
                 - (+234) 08077291288

                 - (+234) 07044213849
                 - (+234) 07026672145


                 - (+234) 0809 993 7312
                 - (+234) 0809 993 7313
                 - (+234) 0809 993 7314

Note the above numbers are for people that are living in the greater Nigeria area.
People or families residing in Abuja or Lagos should use the numbers labeled for those areas. Press personnel should use the numbers below


                 - (+234) 0809 993 7309
                 - (+234) 0809 993 7311

The Chairman of Dana Air, Ramesh Hathiramani, met with the families of the victims of the plane crash at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital.

Fortunately the entire fleet of Dana Air is fully insured, by a company in the UK, for their passengers and aircraft. The "company" is on it's way to Lagos. It seems as if the families of the victims could recieve possible compensation for their tragedy.

Emergency personnel

First to locate the scene of the crash was a police helicopter, which directed firefighters there. At 18h35 the fire was eventually put out.

The plane

The Dana Air McDonnel Douglas MD-83 5-RAM was built in 1990 originally for an Alaska Airline, and is reported to have had a landing gear issue in Uyo 2 weeks before the fateful crash, and a hydraulic problem midair 3 weeks prior when it made an emergency landing in Lagos. Rumour is that the aircraft had been under repair & the airline's station manager didn't want it to be flown, but the management insisted it fly.

The aircraft had totalled over 60,000 flight hours and had total cycles of over 35,000. It had undergone it's last 400-hourly check (A-check) on May 30, 2012 while it's statutory annual maintenance (C-Check) was not until September 2012. The Certificate of Airworthiness issued by The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority after the last C-Check was still valid at the time of the incident.


Eyewitness Reports
"... As far as I can see ministers are playing Russian roulette with people's lives and we have no choice but to fly these planes. So what we need to know is, could this have been avoided, as with many other crashes in the past ..."

Ifeoma Audu

Simon Abah was at the Dana Air offices as they read out names of the passengers on board the plane. He was looking for his nephew Anthony Okara.

"... They got to 103 on their list and they called out his name ..."

"... Initially, I couldn't believe it but I had heard his name and since the news had said that no-one in the plane had survived I reasonably assumed that he was dead - and it was with a great shock ..."

"... Anthony's loss to the family cannot be quantified in any language that I can use ... "

Simon Abah

Femi Green-Adebo said he was home when he heard the loud explosion a few blocks from his house.

"... We were trying to see if we could help others ..."

"... It was so hot, we couldn't get close because of the fire ..."

"... I was just thinking about the people, if there was anyone in there ..."

Femi Green-Adebo

"... There were so many people, you had to push through people to walk ..."

Pearl Ezeokeke

In one case three siblings, all under the age of 12, had been sent by their parents to run errands. When they returned the plane had ploughed into their homes killing their parents.

The wreckage of the bulinding from the Dana Air Crash Site.

Hundreds of anxious family and friends of passengers on the Dana Air plane which crashed, went to Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

"We thank God that it did not hit our house", said an eyewitness, Angela Umoru.

President Goodluck Jonathan declared 3 days of national mourning & instructed that the Nigerian flag be flown at half-mast. "The President joins all Nigerians in mourning all those who lost their lives in the plane crash which has sadly plunged the nation into further sorrow on a day when Nigerians were already in grief over the loss of many other innocent lives in the church bombing in Bauchi State. President Jonathan assures air travellers in the country that every possible effort will be made to ensure that the right lessons are learnt from the tragic loss of valuable lives in today's plane crash and that further measures will be put in place to boost aviation safety in the country. He prays that God Almighty will grant the families of the victims of the plane crash the courage and fortitude to bear their irreparable loss."

"I don't believe there are any survivors." Harold Denuren, director-general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority

“I am extremely saddened by the news of the crash and I assure the nation that investigations are underway.” Princess Stella Odua, the Aviation Minister

”This is so sad. All that blood and life just wasted. We warned them about safety standards. Aviation is the sector I presided over. I know it inside out and now I am in pain. May the souls of those that died in that crash rest in peace.” Femi Fani-Kayode

“I feel so sad and heartbroken hearing the news of this ugly incident. It is quite unfortunate and disheartening. We mourn the loss of lives and prayed God to put a stop to every form of evil in our land. The Senate will definitely investigate the cause of this ugly incident to checkmate any future occurrence.” Senator David Mark

“This is shocking beyond words, especially given the noticeable efforts at repositioning the nation’s aviation industry and when we thought we had put the air disasters of early 2000s behind us.”  Senator Ike Ekweremadu

"It is unfortunate that your expectations to welcome and embrace your loved ones after their journey could be cut short so abruptly and in such unexpected manner. There is no gainsaying the experience could be traumatic," Babatunde Fashola (Lagos State Governor)

Full Obituary

Abiodun Oluwasegunfunmi
Abraham Adijolola
Abubakar Ahmed
Abubakar Kaltum
Abugu Ike
Adamu Bamaiyi
Adebiyi Adekunbi
Adenike Ajani
Adaobi Mojekwu
Aderoju Osunbade
Ahmed Inusa
Aimanehi Onemolease
Aisha Abdu
Ali Yusuf
Aliyu Mahmud
Alvana Ojukwu
Amaka Ojugbana
Amina Idris bugaje
Anjola Fatokun
Anthony Nwaokoagbara
Anthony Okara
Antonia Attuh
Awyetu Wasa
Ayoola Adekola
Banji Olukoya
Bassey Eyo
Berkisu Myindadi
Celestine Onwuliri
Charles Ntuko
Chimdinma Onyeagocha
Chinwe Dike
Chinwe Obi
Christopher Ojugbana
Christopher Okocha
Chukwuemeka Okere
Chukwuezugo Dike
D Awani
D Ibrahim
Dhose Rijoel
Doherty Adedunni
Ebuka Enumah
Ehi Ailende
Ehime Aikhomu
Eke Mecha
Elizabeth o Akwaeze
Emmanuel Obot
Eventus Mbong
Eyinojuoluwa Davidkolawole
Falmata Mohammed
Farida Kaikai
Faysal Inusa
Femi Shobowale
Fortune Davidkolawole
Garba Abdu
Garba Nabil
Godwin Apochi
Godwin Chijioke
Hadiza Otegbeye
Hope Okeke
Huizhu Li
Ibe Echeidu
Ibrahim Jangana
Ibrahim Matankari
Ibrahim Nagidi
Ibrahim Yusuf
Ibukun Fatokun
Ifeanyi Orakwe
Ijeoma Onyijuke
Ike Okoye
Iniobong Asuquo
Istifanus Mutihir
Jennifer Ibe
Jennifer Onita
John Ahmadu
John Nnadi
Jones Ifekawa
Josephine Onita
Joy Allison
Kamsiyonna Anyene
Kayimarachi Anyene
Kayinetochi Anyene
Kim Norris
Lawal U. Anakobe
Lawrence Sparagano
Levi Ajuonuma
Lilian Las
Lt Col Chumbo Ochigbo
Mahinder Singh Rathore
Mahmud Dukawa
Maikudi Buhari
Maimuna Anyene
Maria Abuyere
Maria Okwulehie
Martins Alade
Memuna Shaibu
Moses George
Maj. I. G. Muhammed
Nadine Chidiac
Ngozi Cole
Noah Anyene
O Awani
Obinna Akubueze
Obiola Ikpoki
Ochonogor Ike
Ogechi Njoku
Ogechi Onyegocha
Okor Eseoghene
Olaoluwa Fatokun
Oluchi Onyeyiri
Olugbenga Komolafe
Olukayode Okikiolu
Olumide Coker
Olumodeji Akinola
Olusanmi Awodogan
Olusola Arokoyu
Oluwadamilare Adeleke
Oluwakemi Somolu
Oluwayomi Benson
Onyeka Anyene
Onyinye Esther mgbanwa
Otaru Saka
Patience Sunday Udoh
Patrick Okonji
Peter Waxtan
Peter Nosike
Philip Chukwu-buka
Rajulie Oyosoro
Raphael Amiaka
Rev Ayodeji Cole
Roger Aouade
Rui Li
Ruth Wasa
Sam Shaibu
Sarah Mshelia
Shehu Saad Usman
Shutao Zhai
Sonny Ehioghae
Stamford Obrutse
Sunday Enumah
Taiwo Lamidi
Tatoru Abikalio
Temitope Ariyibi
Tosin Anibaba
Tunji Oloko
Uche Ulasi Christopher
Ugabio Oyosoro
Vivienne Effiong
Wale Eribake
Walter Hunna
Widyo Utomo
Yi Kang
Yu Wang
Zhenfeng Xie

Dana Air crash in Lagos

About Dana Air

Dana Airlines Limited is a airline operating regular scheduled domestic flights from Nigerian airports. It is a subsiadiry of the Dana Group of Companies Plc. and undertook it's first flight on Monday, November 10 2008. It is a very popular airline amongst the Nigerian with a service offering of daily flights to Abuja, Calabar, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Uyo.

Fleet and Classes

Dana Air operates a fleet of 4 Boeing MD83 aircraft. These have a significantly higher number of passenger seats and also provides larger cargo capacity.

Dana Air has two service classes. They offer a 'SmartClass' business cabin which has a capacity of 12 seats. They also have a 'Traveller Class' economy cabin which can accomodate up to 128 passengers.


Dana Air has it's base at Murtalla Muhammed International Aiport in Lagos.

Vision and Mision

Dana Air has as it's mission : "To earn the loyalty and respect of our customers by consistently demonsrating our commitment to service, and providing affordable regional air transport services that focus on innovation, quality and service excellence."

Their vision is : "To be recognised and respected as Nigeria's most reliable and customer-friendly airline"