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Car rentals in Nigeria

When in Nigeria the law requires that you follow a right-hand driving system.

Nigeria is one of the most dangerous countries to drive in. To put it into perspective, the World Health Organisation estimated that Nigeria experiences 1,042 deaths a year for every 100,000 vehicles on its roads. The equivalent stats for Britain are 7 deaths for every 100,000 and for the United States that would be just 15 deaths. However the Federal Road Safety Commission is making concerted efforts to ensure that all drivers enrol at a driving school and go for testing.

If it’s not the hazardous driving habits and chaotic scenes on the roads that put you off, then you will also have to brave traffic jams that can last for hours, roads that are in terrible condition and traffic lights that hardly work.

If you decide to go ahead and rent a car in Nigeria you will need to be aware of the following:

  1. Car hire vehicles are issued with a full tank of fuel. You are expected to return the vehicle with a full tank as well and so it is very important to ask for directions to the nearest service station. In the event that the fuel has not been topped-up a fuel top-up amount will be deducted from your deposit before it is refunded to you.

  2. After collecting your vehicle it is best that you take some time to familiarise yourself with its controls while you are still at the car hire company’s depot. This is so that if there is anything that you are not familiar with they can always assist you

  3. When you are visiting a place for the first time, it would be advisable to request a map or even GPS (extra charges may be incurred). Try avoid driving late at night as well as driving to secluded and remote areas.

  4. Illegal roadblocks and carjacking are quite frequent in Nigeria, especially in areas where street lighting is poor or none existent. There is also a high prevalence of vehicles with inadequate lighting and reflectors.

  5. Passports, valuables such as cameras, phones and money should always be kept safe and secure out of sight. Car doors should be locked at all times and windows closed.

  6. If you are starting to feel like you would rather not drive yourself around when you next visit Nigeria then you can always opt for the point-to-point rental service available with most car hire companies. They will rent you a car together with a driver who is familiar with most places in Nigeria and knows how to negotiate their way around. Extra charges may apply for such rentals compared to driving yourself.

Car rental agencies in Nigeria

The major car rental agencies operating within Nigeria are:

Abuja City Centre Plot 252b, Herbert Macauly Way, Central Business District +234 1 7307687
Muritala Mohammed International Airport Terminal E +234 1 7307687
Port Harcourt International Airport - +234 1 7307687
Sixt Car Rental
Ikeja, Lagos Old Secretariat, Ikeja, GRA +234 70 8860649
Victoria Island, Lagos Aedola Odeku Street, 68A +234 70 88606712
Lagos International Airport Ikeja 01 +234 1 2952832
Port Harcourt Aba Road +234 1 2952832
Muritala Mohammed International Airport Abuja 09 +234 1 2952832
City Centre Constitution Avenue +234 1 2952832
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