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Kano, Nigeria

Kano is the capital city of the Nigerian state of Kano. It is located in Northern Nigeria and has the second largest metropolitan population after Lagos. Kano Metropolitan area has a population of 2.8mil residents. The principal inhabitants of Kano are the Hausa people and the Hausa language is widely spoken.

Kano is served by Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport(IATA: KAN, ICAO: DNKN), this aiport also serves the majority of the northern Nigeria states. The aiport was named after Nigerian politician Aminu Kano. The aiport has two seperate terminals, a domestic terminal as well as a international terminal, both terminals do share the same runway though. In 2009 the airport served some 323 000 passengers.

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Domestic flights

Kano has the liberty of being the major aiport for the Northern States of Nigeria. It has a number of scheduled services between other Nigerian states as tabled below

Airline Destination(s)
Aero Contractors Abuja, Lagos
Arik Air Abuja, Enugu, Lagos
IRS Airlines Abuja, Lagos

International flights

Airline Destination
Egyptair Cairo
Middle East Airlines Beirut
Suadia Jeddah
Sudan Airways Khartoum, N'Djamena

Map of Kano

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General Info (Climate, Economy)


Kano is located within a savanna region and has a hot, semi-arid climate. Kano has some rain, averaging at about 837mm of precipitation per year. Most of the rainfall takes place from June to September. The city has been known for very hot temperatures although from December to February it experiences cooler temperatures. The night time temperatures for this period (Dec - Feb) average between 11°-14°C.

Average Temperatures for Kano
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Avg
Average High 30 33 37 39 38 34 31 29 31 34 34 31 33.2
Average Low 12 14 18 22 23 22 21 20 21 19 15 12 18
Precipitation (cm) 0 0 0 1 6 11 20 29 12 1 0 0 81


Kano is 481m above sea level. The location lies just North of the Jos Plateau. It is located in the Sudanian Savanna that streches across the lower parts of Sahel. The city is close to the point where the Kano and Challawa rivers coverge to form the Hadejia River.


Kano links to many african cities by road. Trucks, buses and other forms of transport link Kano with cities that lie in Niger, Chad, Cameroon and the Republic of Benin. Kano is the economic centre of northern Nigeria and is well known for it's integral role in the production and export of peanuts. Kano is strategically located to the seaports of Lagos and Port Harcourt. Kano is also near to the Challawa George Dam which has been considered for hydro-electric power generation.

A shot of the wonderful Kano Airport Kano from Dana Hill

A snapshot of the Kano International Aiport as well as the view of Kano from atop Dana Hill.