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Flights from Nigeria (Lagos, Port Harcourt) to Cameroon

These are the airlines with flights from Nigeria to Cameroon



Lagos (LOS) to Yaoundé (YAO)



Port Harcourt (PHC) to Douala (DLA)



The distance between Nigeria and Cameroon is 764km.

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About Cameroon

Cameroon is often referred to as "Africa in miniature", due to the sheer amount of cultural and geographic diversity that can be encountered there, a smorgasbord of what the continent has to offer. Mount Cameroon, or "Mongo ma Ndemi"(Mountain of Greatness), as it is known locally, boasts the highest peak in West Africa.

English and French are the predominant languages spoken within Cameroon, but indigenous languages are also prevalent. Cameroon's currency is the CFC Franc; however US dollars are also accepted.

The official languages of Cameroon are English and French, although many indigenous languages are also widely spoken. Cameroon's currency is the CFC Frank, but US dollars are also viable tender.

Traditional Cameroonian cuisine ranks among the most varied on the continent, due to the countries location on the crossroads between the north, west and centre of Africa, the influence of French cuisine adds to this melting pot of culinary variation.


Yaounde is the capital city of Cameroon, founded in 1888 by German Ivory traders, and with a population of some 2,5 million people, Yaounde is the second largest city in the country. A lengthy wet period is experienced by Yaounde, from February to November.

Things to do in Yaounde

Afhemi Museum

Afhemi museum: Opened in 1999, over 2000 artefacts, traditional art pieces, antiquities and paintings can be found on display within the museum. Some of the items are over 900 years old, and traditional Kini-Yen clothing can be purchased.

Musee d'art

Situated within the Benedictine monastery, this museum offers an impressive display of traditional masks, bowls and Bamoun bronze pipes.


Named after the indigenous Duala people who originally settled the area, Douala is the largest city in Cameroon, and is the economic hub of the country.


Manga Bell Pagoda

Completed in 1905, this palace was constructed to resemble a Chinese pagoda by one rulers of the Douala people.

Musee de Douala

Housed within the Hotel de Ville's first floor, this museum contains many examples of Bamoun and Bamileke art. Amongst the items on display are clay Bamoun statues, wooden Fang statues, amazing pirogue decorations and Bamileke thrones.

Limbe Beach

Located an hour's drive away from Douala, Limbe is unlike most beaches as it has black sand, this is the result of a volcanic eruption that took place in 1999. Specialty seafood can be found here.

Kribi Beach

Kribi іs another beach near Douala which іs popular wіth tourists аnd professional surfers. Kribi іs considered the best beach іn Cameroon. Unlike Limbe, the sands оf Kribi аre white. Іn addition tо the beach, the Lobe Waterfalls, а World Heritage Site, іs nearby. Visitors tо Kribi cаn access the falls via Beach Road.