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Lagos Cheapest Flight Survey

2 July 2012 - 9 July 2012

Welcome one, welcome all, to the inaugral Lagos cheapest flight survey. In a relentless quest to get you more bang for your Naira we are planning to regularly undertake the Lagos flight survey to give you insight into which airlines are offering the cheapest flight prices. This week we include 18 of the popular routes from Lagos to cities across our beloved Nairaland. Saving Naira's is a way of life and this week it seems like Aero Contractors is saving flyers the most Naira's by offering the cheapest flights for all the routes they fly. Not being left out of the limelight our beloved domestic carriers, Irs, Overland, Air Nigeria and Arik Air all feature in our unique survey. Make sure you bookmark the site as we are the only site across Nairaland offering this exclusive service to our loyal patrons. We hope the airlines will notice our efforts and assist in driving cost of inter Nigeria flying down

Aero Contractors leading the pack

Please note these prices are subject to change and have limited availability. These are the prices at the time we took the survey and the cheapest return prices that we could find. With a little bit of digging one can find prices cheaper than the one's below. It's most likely that the prices are no longer available or have been revised by the respective carriers.

Here are the routes and their prices:

Lagos to Abuja : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Asaba : ₦48 000 (Overland Airways)

Lagos to Benin City : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Calabar : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Gombe : ₦64 105

Lagos to Ibadan : ₦8000 (Overland Airways)

Lagos to Ilorin : ₦44 000 (Overland Airways)

Lagos to Jos : ₦45 601 (Arik Air)

Lagos to Kaduna : ₦38 615 (Arik Air)

Lagos to Kano : ₦32,900 (IRS)

Lagos to Enugu : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Maiduguri : ₦71 947 (Arik Air)

Lagos to Owerri : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Port Harcourt : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Uyo : ₦31 960 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Warri : ₦36 160 (Aero Contractors)

Lagos to Sokoto : ₦52 183 (Arik Air)

Lagos to Yola : ₦72 373 (Arik)

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