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Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Port Harcourt International is a major airport in Nigeria. It is a fair distance from Lagos and Abuja and thus serves a large number of passengers from the district, being a major connector for flights set to depart from Lagos and Abuja. There are a number of regular scheduled domestic, international and chartered flights that operate from Port Harcourt. See the tables below for the domestic and international airlines and routes which they operate.


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Domestic flights

Airline Destination(s)
Aero Contractors Abuja, Lagos
Air Nigeria Lagos
Arik Air Abuja, Lagos
Chanchangi Lagos
Dana Air Lagos
Irs Airlines Abuja, Lagos

International flights

Airline Destination(s)
Air France Paris-Charles de Gaulle
Lufthansa Frankfurt
RegionAir Douala, Malabo, Pointe-Noire, Port Gentil

General Info (Climate, Economy)

Port Harcourt is the capital of the Rivers State in Nigeria. It is a port town lying along the Bonny River, hence the "Port" in the name Port Harcourt with "Harcourt" being the former colonial secretary, Lewis Harcourt's surname. It is located in southern Nigeria and the traditional inhabitants of the people are the Ikwerre people who are a sub-group of the greater Igbo ethnic group. Port Harcourt is a metropolis covering 8 local government areas, with the main city being Port Harcourt City which is what most people are thinking of when they talk about Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt is served by Port Harcourt International Airport (IATA: PHC, ICAO: DNPO) which is located in Omagwa, a suburb just outside of Port Harcourt City. Port Harcourt International is the third biggest airport in Nigeria by number of passengers. In 2009 the airport served over 1 million passengers. The airport has a single terminal for both domestic and international flights.

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Port Harcourt lies right in the Niger Delta region and thus it's economy is primarily based on oil and the petroleum industry. The current state of urbanisation and modernisation in Port Harcourt are due to the associations it shares with the petroleum industry. Port Harcourt was the chief industrial city of the former eastern region. It also serves as the centre of social and economic life in the Rivers State. It is a major industrial centre with many multinational firms as well as other businesses from the petroleum industry operating from there. Port Harcourt is also the chief oil-refining city in Nigeria. The main export in the Rivers State is crude oil. Port Harcourt has two two stadiums, two airports, two seaports and two refineries.


Port Harcourt has a tropical monsoon climate. It is victim to lengthy and heavy rain seasons. It has very short dry seasons. The Harmattan (dusty winds) which are prevalent in Abuja and Lagos are not as pronounced in Port Harcourt. The hottest and driest month is December and the heaviest rains fall in September. Temperatures in Port Harcourt stay relatively constant though and average about 25°C - 28°C.

Average Temperatures for Port Harcourt
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Avg
Average High 32 33 33 32 31 30 29 29 29 30 31 32 30.9
Average Low 21 23 23 23 23 23 23 22 22 22 22 21 22.3
Precipitation (mm) 29 62 135 188 235 289 345 302 367 246 67 20 190


Port Harcourt in the Niger Delta region and thus shares many features of the area. It has tropical rainforest in the central parts. Towards the area's close to rivers or the coast there is the mangrove swamps, typical of this area. Port Harcourt lies along the Bonny River. The oil found in the region is called "Bonny Light Oil" which is taken from the Bonny region which is a close neighbour of Port Harcourt.

A busy Port Harcourt street The iconic port which the city is named after

Some snapshots of Port Harcourt life.