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Cheap Flights from Nigeria to Qatar

Trying to find cheap flights to Qatar? Our Flight bookings search engine will help you find the flight that you are looking for. The following airlines offer flights to destinations all over the world, via Qatar:

Airline Number of Stops
Qatar Airways one
Emirates one
Arik Air one
Ethiopian Airlines two
Egyptair one
Turkish Airlines one

Facts about Qatar
A view of Doha, Qatar

Originally a poor british protectorate, only recognised for the pearls that were harvested and sent back to Britain, Qatar has managed rise above it's humble origins, and has become one of the wealthiest nations in the World. Ruled since the mid-1800s by the Al Thani family, and blessed with significant oil and natural gas deposits, it is no wonder that studies have indicated that over the next ten years, up to $120 billion will be invested in the Energy Industry.

The Nation of Qatar is one of the most stable countries within the Middle East, and borders the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.

Map Of Qatar

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Lagos to Qatar flight path
Lagos to Qatar